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As 2020 comes to a close, we decided to bring together a collection of photos. This is some personal progress tracking for everything we’ve remodeled. My wife asked me to throw together a bunch of photos of before/after so her friends can see what we’ve done. The before photos are when we moved in, and the after is what they look like now from approximately the same perspective. Parts that are not remodeled yet are not included in this post. We plan to do much more :)

With the remodels pictured here, our house went up by 100k in value from what we originally bought it for (got it appraised for a refinance).

Yes, I plan to paint the remaining wood trim white, and replacing the rest of the luan doors.

Open Floor Plan

Should have seen the garbage pileup from this. Something like 30 bags had to be hauled by my brothers and I down the driveway.

Left - before, Right - after

Kitchen Entry

No more extra useless cabinet, fridge moved into the “pantry” which we have yet to remodel. For info on how i did that live-edge light you can see my post here.

Left - before, Right - after

Kitchen Counter

I really wanted (and still want) to redo these cabinets. The wife wanted them stay 🙄

Left - before, Center - after, Right - extra pano shot

Living room

Living room, featuring a new bay window and part of our 3-zone ductless minisplit, which I think gives our house a more modern vibe.

Left - before, Right - after


For more photos and info you view my bathroom post here. This was quite an undertaking.

Left - before, Right - after

Guest Bedroom

These bedrooms light remodels. Redid carpet, doors, trim, paint. Still gotta do those windows, they taunt me. My ceilings are small (7.5 ft) so i also removed the ceiling fan, which would wobble whenever you turned it on. You’d be amazed how many things in this house were held in by a single screw. Believe it or not, the previous owners hooked up the fan to an old dimmer switch. You could hear the fan motor arc when you played with the dimmer.

View from Entry

Left - before, Right - after

View from Corners

Left - before, Center - after, Right - one more with the doors

Main Bedroom

View from Entry

Left - before, Right - after

View from Corners

No before shots, they were hiding some holes and bolts in the walls. Also hiding a really bad paint job.

New Trim Perspective

I just wanted to highlight the incredible trim that I found at Lowes. I’m a huge fan of low-width trim that does nothing more than add to the aesthetic of the house. It’s no secret that contractors will use larger trim to hide flaws in their work. If you have very large baseboard, its definitely hiding a garbage spackle job. Originally my trim in this house was 8 inches, and it was hiding many holes. Therefore, the downside of this low-width trim is just more prep work. The door trim is ~1.5” in width.

Here are some close up shots of the trim after it was finished (before caulk).

Left - a perspective shot of how thin the trim is, Center - a Zoom on some fine trim cutting, Right - Zoom out of what it looks like together

Some Notes

We plan to do a whole lot more with this house. A never ending project. And I got a greenhouse to build soon, a basement to finish, a detatched in-law suite, and an attic to finish.