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A full 1950s bathroom remodel, took 4 months.

Estimated contractor install: ~20-30k

My install: ~7k

I’m not going to do a writeup right now for this. I learned a lot and made plenty of mistakes, if people are interested i’ll write something, but here are the photos:

Google Drive link

Before and After Highlights

Below are some and after shots that I believe bring together how much a transformation it was. These all can be found on the drive link above.


Had to widen the door by 6 inches, and increase entryway height by 5 inches. Ever frame a door by hand while trying to use the wood that’s there already? Yeah I hate myself too.

Left - before, Right - after


Hand made floating vanity with a bowl sink. I hope you think its beautiful, I think some of my tears are woven into the wood.

Left - before, Right - after

Tub and Shower

Vertically tiled 2-tone shower. Made a mistake and put a drop-in tub in instead of an alcove, we get some water buildup sometimes, but it’s not a really big deal, we wipe it down after showering. The tub is deep soaking, and extra long so you can sit down all the back of the tub acts like a little recliner of sorts.

Left - before, Right - after

Close up

If you look really closely at the shower niche, you can see the pain and suffering that went into tiling upside down.

Left - Rainfall showerhead, Center - Waterfall faucet and control valve, Right - Niche

Some notes

  • The bathroom is almost completely sound proofed. This was done because it exists in between two bedrooms, and i’m a light sleeper. When I have kids I want to be able to sleep if they want to take a shower at 10pm.
  • The bathroom has a heated floor
  • This project added 10sqft to the bathroom, we cut out a poorly designed closet
  • Live edge wood vanity took 3 weeks to finish by hand
  • You can thank my wife if you like the design of this bathroom - she also tiled 80% of the floor.
  • You can send me a “F” to pay some respects for accomplishing her designs, 1 brick at a time.