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I may do a mini-series of posts on this at some point, this was a long lived project, and will always have little touch-ups worth of work. If I do I’ll update the table below with links to the pages.

This project was one I’ve wanted done for a long time, effectively doubling the square footage of this house, now up to 2800ish from 1500 when we bought the house. This was a very long and complicated project with a great many ups and downs, but all in all took about 1 full year to finish end to end with everything in between.

This project required me to prepare everything for the future while working on it - I wanted to drywall the ceiling and have minimal access panels, this all therefore took a lot of work to get the basement into “finishing shape”.

Basement Design

Basement Floorplan

The worst part of the design was positioning of everything we wanted. Comprimises had to be made several times due to the size of the basement. The unfinished basement had only the bathroom (already finished), and the closet at the bottom of the plan.

The original garage was 30ft in size, so we will be capturing some of it back with a small office.

We wanted to keep the laundry shoot, so the laundry room had to stay put where it was.

The TV is hung directly in front of the window is the only flaw in the design. The TV could not be mounted facing the garage wall because of the support beam’s awkward placement in the imddle of the basement - right in front of where the seating would go. I had an option to seal the window, but I thought the extra light would be nice when not in use. I think this was probably a mistake tbh, but only time will tell.

The List

Status Category TODO Item Time taken Difficulty Notes
✔️ 🧰 General Clean out the basement 1 weeks Easy SO much crap had to be removed, a dumpster was rented for this. Another dumpster was later rented after drywall was completed.
✔️ 🧰 General Remediate water problems 2 weeks Medium Lots of painful manual labor, no help
✔️ 📐 Carpentry Basement Windows 1 week Easy Replaces single pane windows with double pane windows
✔️ 📔 Design Design basement 2-3 months Hard Concurrently happened while working on other things
✔️ 🧰 General Insulation 1 month Easy Foam board insulation, R14
✔️ 🔨 Framing Subfloor 2 weeks Easy Drytek, R5, had help from a few friends
✔️ 🔨 Framing Office Framing 2 weeks Medium 30 foot garage turns into 20ft garage, small office added
✔️ 💣 Demolition Office door 3 days Hard Remove CMU between office Framing and basement
✔️ 💣 Demolition Remove Boiler and Concrete pad 3 days Hard Where old pad is locating becomes a bedroom, so must flatten the area.
✔️ 🔨 Framing Insulate office and install subfloor 1 day Easy R20 Insulation in floor joists, R14 rockwall and foamboard, for R28 surrounding office
✔️ ⚡ Electrical Rewire inlaw suite 1 month Hard Inlaw suite wired improperly, i had to run a new line over to the in law suite underground along with Plumbing
✔️ ⚡ Electrical Remove all junction boxes 3 weeks Medium Lots of wire tracing
✔️ 🔧 Plumbing Reroute all water lines 2 weeks Medium Pex manifold, condensing into one spot for bulkhead
✔️ ⚡ Electrical Add Subpanels 3 days Easy Rerouted a bunch of lines into 3 subpanels, this allows us to future expand for other remodels
✔️ 🔨 Framing Frame the basement 3 weeks Medium Large open room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 laundry room, 2 utility rooms, 1 closet
✔️ ⚡ Electrical (low voltage) Run lines for all speakers Easy 2 weeks 5.1.4 dolby atmos
✔️ ⚡ Electrical Install lights and switches 1 week -  
✔️ 🧰 General Reroute Radon Fan 1 week Part of demolition was to remove concrete floor around this small closet space. I instaled a french drain, sump pump, and radon fan.  
✔️ 🔧 Plumbing Rough in laundry room, and bar/kitchen area 1-2 days Easy  
✔️ 🔧 Plumbing Redo primary Septic stack 1-2 days Easy For piping consolidation into bulkhead
✔️ 🧰 General Insulate ceiling 3 days Easy Safe and sound to help prevent sound from traveling upstairs or downstairs. Applied to half the basement (home theater and under bedrooms)
✔️ 🔨 Framing Install Resilent Channel 1 days Easy From all the sound proofing advice i’ve found, a decoupling layer is the best, so this was done across the whole basement ceiling.
✔️ 🎨 Drywall Hang drywall 1-2 weeks Medium Had 2 batches of help do this. 93 sheets of drywall takes a toll on the body. Roughly 2 tonnes
✔️ 🎨 Drywall Spackle 4 weeks Hard No one wants to help with this lmao. It took forever, after work a few hours. Taping layer by far took the longest.
✔️ 🧰 General Paint 4 weeks Easy No one wants to help with this lmao. It took forever, after work a few hours. Taping layer by far took the longest.
✔️ 📐 Carpentry Trim 2 weeks Easy At the point where i was feeling done with the basement, so started taking it slow. Took forever to do the trim and caulk
✔️ 📐 Carpentry Install Cabinets 1 week Medium Basement is on a slope, so i had to level the cabinets. Butchers block ontop was stained and polyerathaned
✔️ ⚡ Electrical Install HVAC 1 week I got a pioneer minisplit that had a pre-charged compressor. All that was required was line evacuation. Hydronic heaters in office and bedroom.  
👷 🧰 General Touchups Ongoing Easy Painting touch ups now that its lived in, painting some trim, gotta paint doors too
- 🧰 General Finish storage area Did not start Easy Just want to hang some shelves and clean the floor in there so it isn’t just a “junk” closet

After Photos

Entertainment Area

Basement Panogram

Theater Area


Kitchen Area


Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

Murphy’s Door




Ya it’s small, but it’s a full bath.

Laundry Room

The cabinet here is hiding 2 junction boxes, and a radon pipe. But is also used for storage.



Storage Closet

The third photo is the second radon mitigation system I installed and a largely unnecessary sump pump.