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Finishing 1000sqft Basement

5 minute read

I may do a mini-series of posts on this at some point, this was a long lived project, and will always have little touch-ups worth of work. If I do I’ll updat...



Sunroom Extension

3 minute read

When we bought this house there was an unused concrete deck that was gingerly sitting outside a door. This deck’s base was 4 inches of solid concrete, and it...


DIY Pantry Remodel

6 minute read

Since we’ve owned the house there has been a small room to the right of our mudroom enterence taking up the corner of the house. The previous owners used thi...

Exterior Front Door Installation

1 minute read

On the coldest day of march, I decided it was the perfect time to replace the front door. If you were to look at it you’d see light shine around all the side...


DIY Live Edge Wooden Ceiling Light

3 minute read

Our ceiling light (4ft fluorescent tube) fell off our ceiling one day while I was playing with my dog and shattered across my freshly tiled kitchen floor. We...

DIY Generator Inlet

5 minute read

A pretty easy DIY electrical install through an unfinished area.

DIY Window Capping

2 minute read

Been entirely inactive for a long time on every social media platform. Just wanted to start posting about stuff i’ve been doing since we bought our house. He...


Hello World

less than 1 minute read

This is just a test to see if I linked everything together properly